Saturday, December 19, 2009

releasing StarNote v1.2.4

New features and improvements are

1. improve the program logic to get note title.
2. fixed bug by garbage characters in settings fields.

releasing SincerePrayer v1.0.6

New features and improvements are

1. simplify the automatic download program
2. modify the rosary mysteries list to show (Joyful) on Christmas day.
3. enlarge the size of emoticons in journal page

releasing ClassBuddy v1.0.2

New features and improvements are

1. allow to input units with decimal point (i.e. 3.5)
2. added new grading point system
A+/9 A/8, A-/7, B+/6, B/5, B-/4, C+/3, C/2, D/1, F/0

Saturday, December 12, 2009

releasing ClassBuddy v1.0.1

New features and improvements are

1. fixed bug caused by unit field in course edit screen
2. fixed bug in attend checkbox of class edit screen.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

releasing ClassBuddy v1.0.0

School class schedule management helper.

You can
. Manage terms and semesters
. manage courses and classes
. Calculate Cum.GPA
. Log class attendance
. See weekly class schedule

Key word: grade point,

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

releasing SincerePrayer v1.0.5

New features and improvements are

1. changed the screen layout for several setting items
2. improved the extra prayer download.

releasing StarNote v1.2.2

New features and improvements are

1. added the option to set default star color in "settings"
2. fixed the "force close" problem.
3. little bit of performance tuning.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

releasing StarNote v1.2.1

New features and improvements are

1. Trash concept is introduced. When a note is deleted, it goes into trash. User can recover the note deleted by mistake.
2. revised the layout design of some preference pages.
3. added option to hide/show time,theme button

Friday, November 27, 2009

designing ClassBuddy

Manage terms and semesters
manage courses and classes
Calculate Cum.GPA
Log class attendance
See class weekly schedule

Monday, November 23, 2009

releasing SincerePrayer v1.0.3

New features and improvements are

1. fixed Audio podcast screen problem in android 1.5
2. fixed bug in automatic download job

releasing MathFun Facts! v1.0.2

New features and improvements are

1. added option to change background color
2. added context menu to edit, delete ProblemSet
3. fixed screen layout problem for android 1.5

Saturday, November 14, 2009

releasing StarNote v1.2.0

New features and improvements are

1. Label concept is introduced. When there are many notes, users can manage them with labels.
2. Screen layout problem for Droid is fixed.

releasing MathFun Facts v1.0.1

New features and improvements are

1. Screen writing option is added. Users can customize the line color and thickness.
2. Screen layout problem for Droid is fixed.

releasing SincerePrayer v1.0.2

Some of the major fix and enhancements are

1. Rename, delete options are added for Prayer and Journal labels. Users can manage labels more conveniently.
2. In Rosary screen, current decade number is displayed. Later, we are thinking to pur images for each prayers.
3. Screen layout problem in Verizon Droid is fixed.

Known bug at this moment.
1. In android 1.5 (HTC Hero, Samsung Moment), Daily reading podcast titles are not displayed.

Friday, November 6, 2009

releasing MathFun Facts! v1.0.0

Excellent practice tool for basic math facts. You can create problem sets with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in various difficulty levels. Help your child be familiar with basic concepts through daily practice.

You can
. customize problem sets.
. keep records of scores & timing.
. re-visit for wrong answers.
. scribble on the screen for complicated calculation.

releasing StarNote v1.1.0

Major fixes and improvements are

1. New feature
Now you can import notes to SD card.

2. Bug
as always, other small,tiny bug fixes.

Happy note taking guys...

releasing SincerePrayer v1.0.1

Some of the major fix and enhancements are

1. Bug
- In Journal's Calendar view, press on emoticon( = posted journal) is supposed to bring the Journal viewer. Previously nothing happens there and now it's fixed!

2. Improvements
- As the download source has more prayers, the import module will have harder to process. So that, I decided to categorize the prayers and put them in several groups. This change will allow users to download the prayers in groups. Now, Canticles and OtherPrayers groups are prepared and More groups such as Novenas will come.
- added NAB, NRSV links in bible search provider.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

releasing SincerePrayer v1.0.0

It have been really long time since I start to write this program. This was one of my first application candidates and prepared for Android Developer Challenge. Thanks God allowing me to release this app in the market.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

releasing StarNote v1.0.2

Another release is going out today. This is a light bug patch version and doesn't introduce any new feature.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

releasing StarNote v1.0.1

Another release is going out today.

Major fixes and improvements are
1. Export function.
Now you can export notes to SD card or send through email/text.

2. FAQ
Many people have asked why there's no title field in StarNote. I explained it in FAQ section.

3. No. of columns
Previously, note list was always displayed in 2 columns. Now, notes are displayed in 2 columns in portrait more and in 3 columns in landscape mode.

4. Sort order
I added sort option menu in note list screen.

Happy note taking guys...

Thursday, October 15, 2009

releasing StarNote v1.0.0

StartNote v1.0.0 is going public today.

I have around five apps in pipeline and this is the first one going public. feel little bit nervous. I spent lots of time debugging. However, the bug never stops to come. hope this app gets stabilized soon and don't disappoint users.

In creating this app, I used some widely available fonts in internet. I think the creators of those fonts should also get credited.

They are

1. Comic font
Font name: VTC_letter_pro
Creator: WolfBainX, Vigilante Typeface Corporation

2. Typewriter font
Font name: MyUnderwood
Creator: Michael Tension, Tension Type

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

designing FlashCard

What is this app about ?

FlashCard is a study helper which can store, manage and display study materials/information.

What can you do with this app ?

1. You can store the things/information you need to memorize. each piece of information is stored in one "card".

2. You can manage them in a group. you can add multiple "label"s for each card.

3. You also can mark each card with an colored star to give the importance to each card.

4. You can import cards through specifically formatted text file.

5. You can export cards.

What is the price of this application ?


What is the release date ?

Early November, 2009

Monday, October 5, 2009

designing TimeMgr

What is TimeMgr ?

TimeMgr is Time Management tool for Freelancers / Contractors

What is special about this app ?


What is the price of this app ?


What other things you want to talk about ?


Saturday, September 26, 2009

designing StarNote

What is StarNote?

It is a NotePad application running on Android platform.

What's so special about this app?

1. You can customize the shape of notepad such as (1)background color/image, (2)font type/size and (3)line.
2. Typical main page of Notepad app displays 7~8 notes in portrait mode and you often have to scroll down to find the note. the main page of StarNote displays 14 notes in portrait mode so that you can access more notes in one screen.
3. You can group the notes with colored stars.

What's the price ?

It's FREE. This is a light fun app for the ones love note taking.

When it will be released ?

It will be released in 10/17/2009 in Android market.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

designing SincerePrayer

What is SincerePrayer ?

SincerePrayer is an android app designed to help the Christian's daily devotional life.

What was the consideration in making SincerePrayer ?

I have learned that the word and pray are the essential parts of daily devotional life. For the people living busy, this app will allow the environment in which people can access wherever and whenever they need words and prayer. The app is comprised of four sections, (1)prayer, (2)journal, (3)daily reading and (4)rosary.

(1) Prayer is the section where you keep your favorite prayers or verses.

(2) In case some thoughts pass through your mind, you can quickly, casually catch them in Journal section.

(3) Daily reading section, people can access Today's reading from various websites. Moreover, audio podcast for daily reading is also linked in this section so that people can listen to the word.

(4) Rosary is the section people can use the virtual Rosary for pray.

What is the price ?

It's FREE. I hope this app reaches as many people as possible and helps their religious life.

When it will be released ?

It will be released in 10/17/2009 in Android market.