Wednesday, June 3, 2009

designing SincerePrayer

What is SincerePrayer ?

SincerePrayer is an android app designed to help the Christian's daily devotional life.

What was the consideration in making SincerePrayer ?

I have learned that the word and pray are the essential parts of daily devotional life. For the people living busy, this app will allow the environment in which people can access wherever and whenever they need words and prayer. The app is comprised of four sections, (1)prayer, (2)journal, (3)daily reading and (4)rosary.

(1) Prayer is the section where you keep your favorite prayers or verses.

(2) In case some thoughts pass through your mind, you can quickly, casually catch them in Journal section.

(3) Daily reading section, people can access Today's reading from various websites. Moreover, audio podcast for daily reading is also linked in this section so that people can listen to the word.

(4) Rosary is the section people can use the virtual Rosary for pray.

What is the price ?

It's FREE. I hope this app reaches as many people as possible and helps their religious life.

When it will be released ?

It will be released in 10/17/2009 in Android market.