Friday, November 27, 2009

designing ClassBuddy

Manage terms and semesters
manage courses and classes
Calculate Cum.GPA
Log class attendance
See class weekly schedule

Monday, November 23, 2009

releasing SincerePrayer v1.0.3

New features and improvements are

1. fixed Audio podcast screen problem in android 1.5
2. fixed bug in automatic download job

releasing MathFun Facts! v1.0.2

New features and improvements are

1. added option to change background color
2. added context menu to edit, delete ProblemSet
3. fixed screen layout problem for android 1.5

Saturday, November 14, 2009

releasing StarNote v1.2.0

New features and improvements are

1. Label concept is introduced. When there are many notes, users can manage them with labels.
2. Screen layout problem for Droid is fixed.

releasing MathFun Facts v1.0.1

New features and improvements are

1. Screen writing option is added. Users can customize the line color and thickness.
2. Screen layout problem for Droid is fixed.

releasing SincerePrayer v1.0.2

Some of the major fix and enhancements are

1. Rename, delete options are added for Prayer and Journal labels. Users can manage labels more conveniently.
2. In Rosary screen, current decade number is displayed. Later, we are thinking to pur images for each prayers.
3. Screen layout problem in Verizon Droid is fixed.

Known bug at this moment.
1. In android 1.5 (HTC Hero, Samsung Moment), Daily reading podcast titles are not displayed.

Friday, November 6, 2009

releasing MathFun Facts! v1.0.0

Excellent practice tool for basic math facts. You can create problem sets with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in various difficulty levels. Help your child be familiar with basic concepts through daily practice.

You can
. customize problem sets.
. keep records of scores & timing.
. re-visit for wrong answers.
. scribble on the screen for complicated calculation.

releasing StarNote v1.1.0

Major fixes and improvements are

1. New feature
Now you can import notes to SD card.

2. Bug
as always, other small,tiny bug fixes.

Happy note taking guys...

releasing SincerePrayer v1.0.1

Some of the major fix and enhancements are

1. Bug
- In Journal's Calendar view, press on emoticon( = posted journal) is supposed to bring the Journal viewer. Previously nothing happens there and now it's fixed!

2. Improvements
- As the download source has more prayers, the import module will have harder to process. So that, I decided to categorize the prayers and put them in several groups. This change will allow users to download the prayers in groups. Now, Canticles and OtherPrayers groups are prepared and More groups such as Novenas will come.
- added NAB, NRSV links in bible search provider.